Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiara Holmes moving to a new city or town

Kiara Holmes
English 2 
Moving to a new place or city

(kids screaming) and having fun. Look at all those kids playing on the play ground with their friends sitting here on the swing I don't know anybody here. I'm so lonely I miss my hometown, I left all my friends and family. I feel unwanted here. Have you ever had to find new friends? I will be talking about the effects of moving to a new place or town.

The cause of moving could be because of your mom and dad getting a divorce and your mom want you to stay with her. Image if your mom and dad got a divorce 1 year ago. Your mom met this new guy that live in Atlanta Georgia. She wants to go live with him, and you guys live in New York with all your friend s and love one's. You go to a wonderful school, you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and they don't want you to leave them. Well you have to because your mom don't want you to live with your dad. so you have to move to another place, you don't know anybody there and you will have to make new friends. and it want feel the same any more. 

The first effect of moving to a new town or city is your education. For example I go to a middle school in Detroit. And if my parents or parent move to like a New York or something. I wouldn't be on the same level as the other kids. The kids at the new school i will attend will not be use to seeing me. I will have to meet new people.

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